PROFILES is a web-based registry which can be used to facilitate data collection on patient-reported outcomes from cancer survivors. It can be used simultaneously for multiple studies with different purposes. The main goals of PROFILES are to generate data relevant to:

  1. Psychosocial risk and outcome assessment to identify patients at high risk for poor health outcomes. Relevant questions include: Which factors are associated with ongoing health concerns of cancer survivors? Which patients are in need of (psychosocial) support? Do new systemic treatments, especially the new targeted ones, have a beneficial or adverse impact on patient-reported outcomes (e.g. HRQL, disease-specific complaints, anxiety, depression and fatigue)?
  2. To analyse mediating mechanisms to better understand the biological and behavioural factors associated with cancer treatment outcomes. For example, what is the impact of co-morbidity on PROs in cancer survivors?
  3. To evaluate physical and psychosocial care (needs) of cancer survivors. For example, does information disclosure relate to satisfaction with care, and health-care utilisation?