Mies van Eenbergen, PhD

From 2001 until 2010 I worked at the Comprehensive Cancer Center South (CCCS) in Eindhoven as the manager of ICT and Communications. This year (2011, January) I started working for a new national program called kankerNL. The goal of this program is to organise the information (evidence and experience based) about cancer. We want to integrate the information with a social network for cancer patients in the Netherlands. KankerNL is not only for patients but also for their relatives and caregivers who want to act on the internet. KankerNL wants to give patients tailored information and the possibility to make contact with patients ‘like me’. I am personally motivated by the empowerment of patients. They should be given the opportunity to organize their own lives during and after their illness. Beside the ‘kankerNL’ job I still work one day a week for the CCCS as an internet-advisor, also for PROFILES. I am happy I got the opportunity to be involved by this research-project. In the near future I hope it is possible to make links between PROFILES and KankerNL.